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Who We Are
Discount Pet Food and Supplies is your best resource for your dog or cat’s nutritional needs. We are people who are passionate about seeing your pets happy and healthy, and ensuring that you have many years to spend with your four-legged friends.

What We Do
Our staff is well trained in providing nutritional advice and support for your pets for a wide range of different needs, especially when dealing with dogs or cats with allergies to specific foods or ingredients. We can advise you on selecting diets and supplements that work with your pet’s needs and your lifestyle with your pet; that could be as simple as needing a high protein diet for a very active working dog to requiring foods that contain no rice, barley or chicken to avoid agitating your pet’s allergies.

No matter the nutritional concern, we will do our best to help you address it!

What We Offer
We have a wide variety of different foods to suit any nutritional needs and requirements your animal might have, but we also have a selection of supplements to help with a range of other health concerns your dog or cat might be experiencing. We carry glucosamine for aching joints, sprays for wounds, digestive supplements for upset stomachs and intestinal problems, salmon oil for skin and coat health, and much, much more.

We also carry products for general pet care, such as shampoos and conditioners, stain removers for accidents, as well as training supplies like dog whistles, clickers, special training collars and harnesses, and of course a huge selection of healthy training treats.

If you need something for your dog or cat, chances are, we carry something to help you!